A (Not So) Fond Farewell: The 13 Real World Cast Members Who've Been Evicted

Some failed drug tests, others started brawls and a couple simply pissed everyone off

Parting is such sweet sorrow…unless you cause some serious mayhem in The Real World house, in which case parting is production-mandated expulsion.

Since Season 2 of Real World, which chronicled David Edwards’ removal from the Los Angeles house for bad behavior, MTV’s longest-running reality show has — every now and again — been forced to send certain cast members home on early flights. While some roommates have left on their own accords (Seattle found Irene leaving amid her Lyme Disease struggles, Lauren left Ex-Plosion after discovering she was pregnant), others haven’t had any choice in the matter, and whether blowing-up, failing drug tests or simply pissing everyone off were catalysts, nearly 15 Real World recruits have been shown the door across 33 seasons.

And on the finale of Real World: Atlanta, Clint sadly added to the expanding list. After being involved in a number of conflicts through the season (one, with Dondre, was physical), failing to honor his promise to drink less and, finally, sneaking away from production late at night on his birthday, Clint forced production’s hand, and was banished, even though the casts’ last day in the house was just around the corner.

“I didn’t want to be that guy, but you kind of can’t help you are,” Clint lamented.

Evictions certainly aren’t the most uplifting collective Real World legacy, but they’ve proven to be a staple, nonetheless. Check out every cast member who’s been kicked off the show below, and, now that the Atlanta finale has aired, share your thoughts on the season!

David (Los Angeles)

The standup comedian pushed his roommates’ buttons by nature, but things finally went too far when he ripped a comforter off of a nearly nude Tami, setting into motion a blow-up from which he couldn’t recover. David’s expulsion certainly wasn’t the fieriest in series history, but at least he has the distinction of the first forced removal.

Puck (San Francisco)

In the pantheon of banished Real World housemates, Puck has the honor of being the only one booted for being too annoying. He constantly tried to get a rise out of his roommates, played practical jokes that went way too far and was — according to his fellow San Francisco cast members — too disgusting to be around. Puck is a Real World legend of sorts, though more for notoriety than merit.

Trisha (Sydney)

Trisha, a self-proclaimed devout Christian, seemed to forget the religious values of peacemaking during her Sydney stay, and routinely caused fights with Parisa. Finally, when she used physical force to push Parisa down, production gave Parisa the choice of letting Trisha stay, or sending her home. “Have a safe flight!” earmarked Parisa’s eventual choice.

Greg (Hollywood)

Aspiring model and entertainer Greg hardly made the most of his opportunities in Hollywood, and was routinely late or absent for his training at the legendary Groundlings improv theater. Finally, the comedy outfit let him go and, as production warned termination would mean expulsion from the show, too, Greg was forced to say see-ya to the City of Angels.

Joey (Cancun)

As was the case with Greg, Joey’s Real World troubles stemmed from issues at work, and when he failed to show up a handful of times for shifts with tourism group StudentCity, he was let go, and, subsequently, booted from the series.

Ryan (Back to New Orleans)

Like Puck, Ryan faced Real World expulsion not for explicit fighting or trouble at work, but for more general, constant trouble-making and disrespect to the crew and his fellow cast members (who could forget when he showed up to a drug abuse education class with a beer in his hand?).

Adam (Back to Las Vegas)

Staying out of trouble is no easy feat when your host metropolis is aptly named Sin City. But Adam tested the limits a little too much on Real World’s second Las Vegas season, and after multiple warnings from production to cut the crap with drunken, aggressive behavior, Adam was forced to cash in his chips and head home.

Brandon (St. Thomas)

It was clear from the first day of filming that something was a little bit off about Brandon, who routinely seemed disoriented and depressed. And, partway through the season, viewers discovered why: While Brandon claimed to have been sober for months, a spot drug test revealed that he’d been doing cocaine, and his drug use spelled the end of his stay in paradise.

Ashley (Ex-Plosion)

Ashley’s removal from the Ex-Plosion house was certainly unique. The San Francisco local loved to party, but her drunken antics quickly wore down her roommates, who complained to a recalcitrant Ashley that she started too many arguments and rubbed people the wrong way. Ashley tried to make a point by giving her roommates the choice of letting her stay or sending her home, and, to her surprise, they called her bluff, and issued her a pink slip.

CeeJai and Jenna (Go Big or Go Home)

Jenna, one of the series’ most controversial cast members, alarmed her fellow housemates and viewers with her racist and homophobic views. Finally, after nearly fighting Kailah, pushing CeeJai to the ground and regularly threatening more harm, Jenna pushed CeeJai past the point of no return, and CeeJai pummeled Jenna. Both cast members were sent home.

Theo and Peter (Bad Blood)

When they said Bad Blood, they certainly weren’t kidding: While Theo was a fan-favorite from the beginning of the show, and seemed like the nicest guy in town, the introduction of his cousin — with whom he shared a tense past — halfway through the season unearthed Theo’s darker side. Finally, when he started a fight with Kassius, the bad blood had officially boiled over, and Theo was sent home.

Later on in the season, Peter, another Bad Blood mid-season addition, revolted his fellow cast members when he began to verbally antagonize Jennifer, a fellow cast member whom Peter had begun dating. After instigating many fights and issuing a series of threats, Peter was ultimately seen as a liability and sent home — and, like Clint, Peter was removed just short of the show’s final day of filming.