See A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, And Schoolboy Q In Grotesque Makeup In Cartoonish 'Babushka Boi'

They pay homage to 'Dick Tracy' as they rob a bank in the 1930s

A$AP Rocky has released his first video since coming home after his assault trial in Sweden and it's a wild, cartoonish, and excessively creepy ride. It's for "Babushka Boi" a recently teased song, that pays homage to Dick Tracy, hardboiled 1930s comic series detective who got the big-screen treatment in 1990 thanks to Madonna, Al Pacino, and others. If A$AP Rocky were to travel back in time and rob a bank, just what exactly would it look like? Well, you'll find that out here — but it's a bit weirder than you'd initially think.

A$AP Rocky makes it clear that Dick Tracy is a huge inspiration for the video: You can see it in the extremely creepy makeup and vibrant colors. In terms of plot, Rocky and a group of babushka-donning bank robbers — including A$AP Ferg, A$AP Nast, and Schoolboy Q — rob a bank and escape with childish grins on their faces. They meet what looks to be the mastermind behind the operation and Rocky sits on her lap while everyone rejoices around a table. Later, Rocky and the crew get into a western standoff with the police (who are portrayed equally as grotesquely as actual pigs) and get them made into sausages and burger patties. It'll turn your stomach, but it's so cartoonish and campy that it's hilarious.

A$AP Rocky was convicted of assault in Sweden earlier this month but was granted the ability to return to America and serve no additional jail time. He had been detained since June for an altercation with two men. Check out the "Babushka Boi" video, directed by past Rocky collaborator Nadia Lee Cohen, above.