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Drake Unveils Construction Papi In 'Money In The Grave' Video

It was God's plan to break out the excavator

Drake has buried something where nearly no one can find it — save for himself. In his new video for "Money in the Grave," Construction Papi hits the junkyard with an excavator. He also lives large with Rick Ross, who is featured on the track, and then shows some footage from Toronto celebrating the Raptors winning the 2019 NBA Finals. But the most interesting aspect of this gritty affair is the mounds of dirt that are being removed and then replaced. Is he burying his money... in the grave?!

With the extremely sandy filter, the excavator that glides over the dirt of the field looks like a grotesque monster. "Money in the Grave" is a dark video that shouldn't be creepy, but it kind of is. After we watch Drake's crew hide something from various angles, we're introduced to flashing clouds, indicating that there's a storm on the horizon. Ross makes an appearance soon after like a mission character from Grand Theft Auto V, seated at a table with Drake as if he's about to give him a dangerous mission to partake in.

The video ends with Drake showing how excited Toronto was after the city won its first NBA final earlier this year, with him sprinting around a stage while the large trophy stood behind him as fireworks rang off in the sky. It's a visually striking end to the dark spectacle.

Drake recently appeared on Swae Lee's new single "Won't Be Late," and is also featured on Ross's new album, Port of Miami 2, on "Gold Roses." In June, when Drake released both "Money in the Grave" and "Omertà," he also teased to fans that he has switched to "album mode."

Watch Drake and Rick Ross live good lives that involve construction work in "Money in the Grave" up above.