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The First Footage Of The High School Musical Series Is Not What You Expected

Good thing Disney didn't stick to the status quo here

It's the start of something new, alright. The first footage of the High School Musical show is finally here, and it may not be what you expected.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series looks to be an intriguing take on the movie we all know and love (and have totally memorized.) This time, instead of giving us a new musical narrative to follow or more Sharpay shenanigans, Disney is serving full-on, mockumentary-style hilarity.

This vision of the popular film series follows much-beloved teacher Miss Jenn and the students of East High School as they work to put together their own production of the classic High School Musical. Yes, it's very meta. After learning the very high school where the movie was shot had never actually put on a production of the show, Miss Jenn decides it has to happen.

And, as such, a new Troy and Gabriella are sought out, all the major roles are filled, and it's soon time to bring this beloved musical back to life in a way that looks super intriguing – you know, while still being filled with plenty of teen drama and whatnot.

What would a High School Musical "reboot" of sorts be without a love triangle, though? You can bet your bottom dollar it's going to happen here too, when Ricky (Joshua Bassett) tries to audition for the musical to get back with his ex Nini (Olivia Rodrigo). But it looks like she's already moved on with E.J. (Matt Cornett). Yikes. When Nini and Ricky win the roles of Gabriella and Troy, will their chemistry get them back together or will they fall apart all over again?

It really looks like the folks at Disney+ got their head in the game to bring this one to life, thankfully, as it's basically made just for the diehards who can't stop watching the original Zac Efron classic over and over again.

“I’ve seen the original movie 37 times, and the first 15 minutes of both sequels,” rattles off one student of the movies.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is a Disney+ exclusive and will launch alongside the new streaming platform on November 12.