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Chris Evans' Avengers: Endgame Old Cap Never Fails To Makes Us Laugh

Give us more Old Cap, ASAP

Avengers: Endgame hype may have come and gone (it feels like just yesterday!), but the Russo Brothers are keeping it alive with a new clip featuring everyone's favorite geriatric superhero: Chris Evans' Old Cap.

"Don’t sleep on Old Cap in your next Fantasy draft..." read the clip's caption.

Evans can be seen in his full Old Cap makeup, just goofing off between takes, as you do. Seeing him as a spunky old Steve Rogers is just as hilarious now as it was the first time, as Evans mimics throwing a football and then hams it up for the camera. Given the Russo Brothers' usual proclivity to not share too many clips from the set (aside from a few well-timed clips) it's cool to see them serving a little bit of blooper-like footage on Instagram since we've pretty much all seen the movie by now.

As you may remember if you have seen Endgame, there's a certain scene where we get to see an older version of Steve who's, well, shall we say living his best life. We won't spoil why he's spotted as an old man in the scene, but you'll love it when you finally get around to watching. Ever since fans were introduced to the character, they fell in love. And honestly, old Chris Evans is still petty dashing, right?

While this fun little clip doesn't serve any sort of purpose when it comes to Endgame plot revelations, nor does it offer any commentary on the recent happenings within the MCU regarding Spider-Man. But sometimes it's cool to take a peek behind the curtain and see your fave superheroes goofing off and being fun. And who knows? Perhaps this is the beginning of a full-length making-of featurette in the future. We'd certainly love to see one, that's for sure.