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Charlie Puth Has Been Bamboozled! Tricked! And Led Astray! In 'I Warned Myself'

Hell hath no fury like Charlie Puth scorned

Charlie Puth is back! And he's possibly heartbroken! His new song, "I Warned Myself," is a blistering return to the arena of pop heartbreak, and it comes with a video that's equally bedazzling: a spectacle of fires, bodies, and deserts. What do you do when every one of your doubts about a relationship is right? What do you do when you find out that you're the sidepiece? How do you cope?  Hell hath no fury like Charlie Puth scorned.

Some jaw-dropping, earth-shattering, and heartbreaking truths have been found out by Puth, who comes into the video with the chilly calm of a person who has all the answers that weren't meant to be revealed to them. He stands in front of a burning door frame, possibly symbolic of the entrance into his partner's heart that been burnt to a crisp by the arson of their infidelity. We journey into his mind where he sees his partner in her chunky shoes, with red skies behind her.

Puth holds her at a magazine shoot first, then lays on the floor with her, determined not to look at her. Throughout the ordeal, he's clearly angry. He's thinking about all the times that they've ever been together, how each period of time was a lie! He should be smashing vases! Throwing a tantrum! But it's Puth, so he delivers the chill through the frenetic single's calm, yet venomous atmosphere. He warned himself, and it turns out that he was right all along.

Puth recently was featured on a new version of "Easier" by 5 Seconds Of Summer, which he co-wrote. His last album, Voicenotes, came out in 2018.

Watch Charlie Puth slowly brood at the idea of infidelity in "I Warned Myself" up above.