Migos Attempt High Tech Heist In 'Frosted Flakes'

As they learn, there is no honor amongst thieves

Migos have shared a new video for "Frosted Flakes,” a song set to appear on the forthcoming compilation album from Quality Control, Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2. In it, Quavo and Takeoff are high-tech thieves on a mission for money, gold, and jewelry. But not everything is at it seems once the deed is done. After they return to their handler, deception is revealed. Come for the music and stay to see Quavo and Takeoff look like secret agents for four minutes.

When the visual starts, Quavo and Takeoff are well off, but looking for more. They're approached by Mike Epps and a beautiful woman who, with another man, introduce the rappers to a grand scheme: Break into a tightly-secured facility and make off with its vast riches. Quavo and Takeoff make their way to the scene and it's here that they tap into their inner-James Bond. Quavo silkily sneaks in and disables lasers while Takeoff makes use of a high tech gadget that helps him dispose of the guards.

The rappers embrace in the vault where they are surrounded by gold bars, rubies, and mountains of money. They fill what they can into their bags and make their ways back to the getaway van where their accomplice has been keeping a lookout. But once they return, guns are pointed at their faces. It's then revealed that both Mike Epps and the beautiful woman have double-crossed them. The video ends before we can find out what happens next, but it sadly appears the rappers haven’t won this time.

Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 hits shelves on August 16. It's a massive body of work that spans 35 tracks featuring artists like City Girls, Lil Baby, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stallion, Playboi Carti, Future, and more.

Watch Migos in "Frosted Flakes" up above.