Jersey Shore Jail Time: This Is How Mike Spent His Last Moments Before Going To Prison

'I shall return'

In the weeks and minutes leading up to Mike's eight-month prison sentence, Sitch made sure to live his best life in every way -- including the Jersey Shore wedding of the century. But during tonight's brand-new episode, it was time for him to be "accountable and responsible."

"As Italians, we love to make things sound better than they really are," Mike said. "We don't like to say jail. I will call this particular chapter a vacation away from it all."

The Sitch further ensured he was in the best mental state possible by prepping for prison (er, vacation) with the same fervor one might put into their GTL regime in Seaside. Not only did he get his commissary ("The only thing I can think of is foods. Got to put some moneys in there in case I need anything while I'm on vacation") and VIP guest visitation list in order, he also sought a little advice from seasoned jailbird Uncle Nino, who "made a few phone calls" to some friends on the inside. Words of wisdom from Vinny's uncle? "Don't stare nobody in the eyes."

As for his personal life pre-prison, BDS spent some quality time with his roommates and made a few happy memories with his new wife Lauren, the latter of which their "first Sitchmas as husband and wife" and may or may not have included a "baby-making appointment" or two.

Fast forward to P-day, and Mike opted to Instagram Live his final thoughts from the back seat of a black Escalade en route to the federal correctional facility.

"I'm just gonna handle this, put this behind me and move forward," he confidently shared. "I wouldn't bet against Big Daddy Sitch. You can throw me to a pack of wolves. I shall return leading the pack."

See how the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation roommates fare sans Mike next Thursday at 8/7c.