DRAM And H.E.R. Bring The 1970’s To The Future In 'The Lay Down' Video

Have you ever wondered what happens when you turn on a record player?

DRAM's isn't about flippant melodies and half-rapped songs anymore, he's about heartfelt music with bone-chilling constitutions. His latest release is "The Lay Down" a warm, soulful collaboration with H.E.R. Today (August 9), he's released a video for the song that's wet and wonderous, silky and flowing. The visual somehow manages to be both futuristic and strangely nostalgic, like a rendition of Soul Train that took place in an alternate, Tron-like dimension. Let the magical experience flow through your body and transfer you to another realm.

It's clear that DRAM understands how to create an enticing atmosphere. It's dark in this new realm, save for DRAM, his backup dancers, and the three instrumentalists clad in different shades of silver. Serenity radiates here. H.E.R. watches the scene from above as she sits on the moon in a flowing dress, providing dim light for the soulful experience. It's like something out of a dream as H.E.R. We're thrown through the cosmos as stars speed by blindingly fast, preparing us for the scorching guitars that make the last minute and a half of the video a mesmerizing audio and visual experience. It ends with the camera pulling out of the scene to show us that the entire thing takes place on a record player while a couple lays on the floor, in awe of the experience.

DRAM told MTV News in May that his upcoming LP is "going to be more mature, and sound more grown-up." His debut studio album Big Baby Dram came out in 2016.