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The J Sisters Were The Jonas Brothers' Biggest Hype Women On Their Tour's First Night

J Sisters, assemble!

The Jonas Brothers kicked off the first night of their Happiness Begins tour on Wednesday night, and there were no bigger supporters there than their wives, the J Sisters.

Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas were screaming front-row fans, going from enthusiastic spouses to Jonas Brothers fans who had no choice but to stan. As they descended upon the first night of the tour in Miami, they showed off how excited they were for the entire world to see with Instagram snaps and frenzied shots of the guys as they did their thing.

The J Sisters even hit the show in custom Jonas couture, with Danielle in what appears to be a gorgeous screen-printed dress, Priyanka in a tailored tee, and Sophie rocking a T-shirt and skirt for a slim silhouette. Honestly, they make band merch look so good, we've got to know their secrets.

Sophie Turner

The J Sisters quickly got down to business, sharing snaps and getting that promo for their partners, with Sophie sharing a quick shot on Instagram promoting the show ahead of its start time.

Priyanka shared a shot of the cast and crew that worked so hard to put the show together.

Later, Priyanka decided to take a moment during the show to go live on Instagram and show off the family grooving along to the JoBros, then headed on up to the front row to get up close and personal with hubby Nick. We see you, girl. And even Kevin's daughters Alena and Valentina got in on the action to support their dad and uncles.

It's great to see the sisters being so supportive of their respective spouses, but we already knew they were close. Previously, Priyanka said it was "real nice" to have Danielle and Sophie, having "inherited the family by proxy."

"Sophie is super talented, super funny, and we have the most fun when we go out together. She’s incredible. By the time this comes out, she’ll be the new Mrs. Jonas. I can’t wait for her to join the family," she said ahead of Sophie's wedding to Joe.