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Sophie Turner Hits The Beach With New Golden Retriever Puppy

Fun in the sun with a new canine companion

Nothing takes the sting of losing a pet away quite like getting a new one.

After losing their beloved Alaskan Klee Kai puppy Waldo Picasso in a "freak accident," Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were distraught, even seeking therapy to deal with the loss. In the end, they both got matching tattoos of the little guy, so they could keep in their hearts forever.

But time heals all wounds, as does adding a new little furry friend to your family. Sophie was spotted while on vacation in Miami hanging out with a new golden retriever puppy, swimming in the pool and hanging out with her new canine companion while spending time at the beach.

Sophie even made some time to hang out with Priyanka Chopra, who's married to Nick Jonas, as the pair shepherded the new puppy and brought Sophie and Joe's other Klee Kai puppy Porky Basquiat along for the ride. It's unclear when Sophie and Joe welcomed this new furry bundle of joy into their lives, but it's great to see them moving on and sharing all the love they had to give to little Waldo with a new pup.

Previously, Waldo Picasso died after breaking free from his leash while out with the couple's dog walker. TMZ reported that the dog "got spooked by a pedestrian, broke free, ran into the street, and was struck by a vehicle." The dog passed away afterward, and Joe and Sophie waited two days to report the incident as they were so shaken up by what happened. Now, it looks like the couple are hopefully feeling a bit better about the situation and ready to move on with their little guy.

Next, we hope they'll officially introduce the pup to the world. What's its name? We can't wait to find out.