The Hitchuation: Mike And Lauren's Jersey Shore Wedding Was 'Like A Fairy Tale'

The nuptials turned out to be drama-free. Who woulda thought?

It appears that Mike and Lauren's "fairy tale" wedding went off without a hitch (pun intended), despite the potential for some major drama surrounding (shocker!) Ronnie and Jen.

Tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 finale showcased one seriously unforgettable wedding reception, which included a magical first dance between Big Daddy Sitch and his new wifey (surrounded by epic amounts of smoke, no less) and an endless variety of sweets (cue all the cannoli and Funfetti). Sandwiched in between was a series of special moments, many of which came courtesy of a trio of best men — we're lookin' at you, Ronnie, Vinny and Pauly.

For starters, those speeches! Considering the two's somewhat volatile friendship, guards went up when Ron first grabbed the mic — but the Bronx native surprised everyone when he shared some sentiments from the heart (and no walls were head-butted in the process). As for the other two members of R.S.V.P.? Vinny's never-ending rhetoric secured his stand-up chooch comedian status, while Pauly D's words of positivity turned the audience to mush. And following a gorgeous gown change by Lauren, the crew further brought their A-game via some red tracksuits and smooth moves during their Rob Base performance.

In fact, the only perceived threat to the big day's success came in the form of a few too many vodka shots by Vinny and Pauly — which really wasn't a threat at all unless you find half-naked body rolls offensive — not to mention Uncle Nino unapologetically calling out Jen for "beatin' up" Ronnie. Luckily, Ron's baby mama met his accusations with little more than an eye roll, and no one got a single black eye.

At the end of the day, all that truly mattered was the happy union of Mr. and Mrs. Situation.

"I couldn't believe that a day could go that perfect," Mike said. "There's something special about everyone under one roof celebrating my big day. It's like a fairy tale -- it really is."

While Mike and Lauren's wedding was relatively drama-free (thank the Karma gods), Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season three probably won't be, at least not entirely. Tune in for more next Thursday at 8/7c!