'I'm Devastated': Can The Are You The One? Group Recover From That Heartbreaking Match Up Ceremony?

And better yet, can they get it together in time for the finale?

Kari made an impassioned statement during last week's Are You the One? episode that the group is representing a "whole community of people" and that it was imperative to secure a "win for everyone like us." And with the finish line just around the bend, the group utilized strategy like never before and got some much-needed answers -- even though it left two love hopefuls absolutely heartbroken.

But before we get to those two, Kari laid out the groundwork for what needed to unfold in order to get some beam intel.

"My plan is to figure out which two of the three couples from Week 1 are the two confirmed matches," she declared about Danny/Kai, Basit/Jonathan and Justin/Max.

But the week 2 pairing was the biggie: The group got two beams, and out of that group, only Basit/Jonathan were together along with confirmed PMs Aasha/Brandon.

"We didn't even need a Truth Booth!" Kari enthusiastically declared. The confirmed (sans TB) PMs were quick to celebrate with a kiss and a shot, but the Match Up ceremony was going to bring opposite emotions.

More on that in a beat: Back to the game play gathering.

"If Justin and Max aren't the match from the night where there was one beam, it has to be us," Jenna stated, about she and Paige.

And as the group worked through more pairings, the plan was in place, thanks to Danny: If Danny/Kai were a beam, Nour/Jasmine are also a beam. If Justin/Max are a beam, Nour/Jasmine were also a beam.

But when it came time for the Match Up during tonight's installment, the group ensured that Danny/Kai and Jenna/Paige did not sit together -- so that Max/Justin could get answers. And, at the end of the night, Max sadly declared "f*ck your answers" because the two were not scientifically compatible. And that's because of the beams breakdown (two for Nour/Jasmine and Basit/Jonathan) and seating arrangements (Danny/Kai were not seated together).

"This is the most real thing I've ever felt in my life, on any sort of relationship front. And the fact that it's getting ripped out from under me for, I don't even know why, is not right," Max tearfully said, with Justin by his side. "I'm devastated."

We know that Danny/Kai are for sure a beam, and so are Jenna/Paige. The bigger development: Will Justin and Max be able to move on -- and can they find their PMs? Will they form a connection with their actual partners -- or will they run back to each other for the remainder of the experience? And what about the other non-confirmed pairs? Give your thoughts and predictions, and do not miss the Are You the One?: Come One Come All finale on Monday at 11/10c!