(Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Boston Calling)

Travis Scott Is A Flame-Inducing Tooth Fairy In 'Wake Up' Video

Jonah Hill directs the magical black-and-white visual

We sleep every day, and for eight hours (for those lucky enough to get that long) our consciousnesses are separated from our earthly bodies. Being that we're immersed in the realm of dreams, our bodies can't move and we don't know what happens to them while we're lounging. So what actually happens to our bodies while we sleep?

Travis Scott's new video for "Wake Up" finds him navigating through a house of sleeping people, watching them in peace. Jonah Hill directs the weird video that only gets creepier as it goes on, in true Scott fashion.

In "Wake Up" – from Scott's 2018 album Astroworld – everyone at Scott's mansion is fast asleep. They lie on the floor with their mouths open. Drool crawls down their cheeks to the floor, all the while, Scott looks around, flabbergasted. He strolls through the house and finds dozens of people after what looks like some kind of party. Since no one can see him, he breaks out an odd superpower; he can fly while people are asleep. We never said he was human.

Scott's more like a fairy, and he floats around the house and keeps watch over everyone, looking around at belongings and generally just waiting for people to wake up. Sounds simple, right? Of course it isn't. Water droplets float in the air around Scott and for some reason, the house itself catches fire. There's also an explosion in the distant background in a forest that never arises again. The world is literally ending around these snoozing somebodies and Scott is content with being a fairy-like creature, shedding droplets. Neat stuff.

Hill recently directed the video for Vampire Weekend's "Sunflower." Additionally, he also directed Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny."

Scott is set to perform at Lil Wayne's WeezyAna Fest in September and also at Rolling Loud New York in October. He recently collaborated with Ed Sheeran for "Antisocial" and appeared in the wild video that feels like 12 mini-movies in one.

Watch Travis Scott be creepy around sleeping people in "Wake Up" up above.