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Robyn Sits In A Hand And Creates A Kaleidoscope In Fallon Performance

Her medley of 'Between the Lines' and 'Love Is Free' was angelic

Robyn's dreamy, serpentine voice sounds the way honey tastes, so it only makes sense that her most recent album was named Honey. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night (July 18), she brought the sweets with an otherworldly and saccharine medley of Honey's "Between the Lines" and her 2015 single, "Love Is Free." This is as close to Heaven that we'll get to on Earth. From inside of a giant stone hand, Robyn created a feels machine that slipped the audience between dimensions.

Robyn seems to just not exist on this plane. You can look at her, but you don't see the outlines of her skin; it's like she's a force projection like Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She floated onto host Fallon's stage with one prop for "Between the Lines," a finger that anchored her in this earthly realm. She waltzed to a nearby station where her band and ghostly dancers stood untethered to time and space, with newly flashing lights transforming Robyn and the stage into a kaleidoscope.

Experimental pop artist Maluca materialized on stage for "Love Is Free," which she's featured on, and traded energy continuously with Robyn, who waltzed in witchcraft, casting a collective spell that brought everyone back to 2019 when the music cut off and roaring applause filled the air.

Robyn released an angelic video for "Ever Again" in June. It followed the insane color-filled visual for "Between the Lines" that dropped in April.

Watch Robyn's divine medley performance of "Between the Lines" and "Love Is Free" up above.