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Lana Condor And Awkwafina Take On Anxiety In New Video Series

'It's anxiety and I think it's something we all go through'

Dealing with depression and anxiety can make you feel as though you're completely alone, as if there's no one else in the world dealing with the same thing you are.

So when two celebrities like Awkwafina and Lana Condor open up about their struggles with being anxious, it can feel extremely liberating. Seeing these amazing, successful actresses discussing how they've previously dealt with these kinds of feelings on their own makes us feel a little less like you're the only person dealing with it.

That's why the new YouTube video series Hi Anxiety is so important. It features some of your favorite celebs talking about mental health, how they've dealt with it over the years, and most importantly, reminding everyone that you never have to face it alone.According to creators Adam Kaplan and Jessica Pilot, the goal is to share with the world how common anxiety truly is and how everyone can work toward overcoming it.

For Lana Condor's episode, she notes that she began dealing with anxiety at a young age – around sixth grade.

"You can get nervous and be like, 'oh my god, someone's not going to like me, I'm going to say something that's wrong, I'm going to do something that's wrong, I'm afraid someone's going to look at me funny or they don't think my life is cool," said Lana. "Then I realized it's just, it's anxiety and I think it's something we all go through."

During Awkwafina's episode, she shared how social media can trigger anxiety attacks, and how you should use it to foster positivity instead of toxicity.

"Instead of using social media to tear people down, use social media to tell your favorite musician how much you love them, or watch a good movie and share about how good that movie was." Great advice.

Hopefully this new series will help encourage viewers suffering from the same things as some of these amazing actresses do that they're not alone and there are coping mechanisms. We can't wait to see who tackles the issues in the next series of videos.