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Denzel Curry Has A Performance Exorcism In Explosive Fallon Debut

He banged out a medley of 'Ricky' and 'Wish' in a bucket hat

SchoolBoy Q made the bucket hat the trendiest head garment of 2012, with everyone everywhere looking like they were trying to escape the harsh sun in scorching climates. Seven years later, Denzel Curry brought it back out for his spectacular debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night (July 15) where he performed "Ricky" and "Wish" from his recently released album, Zuu.

Curry's hyper-energetic show was the perfect introduction to his high-octane brand of rap, made more awesome that it marked the first time that many fans saw the rapper without his iconic dreadlocks that he'd had for years. It enabled him to wear the hat. Maybe it's time for a resurgence in the almighty bucket.

If you're out of shape, Curry's performance style will make you anxious. Watching him move is like watching a video at twice the speed. His arms and legs flail in one direction and his head bounces another. His lips can't even move fast enough to match the shapes coming out of his mouth. It's astounding.

His performance of "Ricky" is characterized by the juxtaposition between frantic flailing and easygoing shoulder bounces. "Wish" comes along with a smoother feel, with the stage bathed in a warm purple glow. There's no bucket hat on by the end of the second song so we get to see the smooth new haircut in person. It'll take some time getting used to, but this looks like a bold new direction for Curry.

Curry released Zuu on the last day of May. In addition to "Ricky" and "Wish," it also features the previously released single, "Speedboat."

Take a look at Curry's high-octane performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon up above.