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Fetty Wap And Monty Celebrate A Bootyful 'Birthday' In New Video

It's as jubilant as an actual, well, birthday

Fetty Wap and Monty made 2015 a Remy Boyz year when they released "679" and gave nightclubs everywhere the soundtrack to sipping and relaxing on plush couches. They've connected again and again since then, replicating their majestic chemistry on smaller scales. Now, they're back with another massive nighttime anthem, "Birthday," that's as celebratory and jubilant as an actual, well, birthday. Just look at the good vibes and sparkling smiles in the music video that's out today and you'll see what we mean.

"Birthday" is a booty bonanza, a video that celebrates the many methods the body can move without needing to explain them all. Fetty and Monty are two happy campers surrounded by women of all shades, enjoying the outrageousness of the moment. And let's get this straight: The video, directed by J.R. Saint, is absolutely Bonkers with a capital B. Money falls like rain in a torrential downpour throughout the video and a disco ball brightens the dark club, shining a light on the exorcism of groove taking place. It shows you the best possible way to throw a birthday celebration: surrounded by friends, getting loose on the dance floor, and commemorating the past to get ready to tackle the new year.

Fetty Wap and Monty released "Birthday" on Fetty's own birthday in June. He released two mixtapes last year: My Fans III: The Final Chapter and Bruce Wayne.

Check out the video – which also showed today on mtvU and MTV Live – up above.