'It's Infuriating': Can Stephanie Settle Her Hills Beef With Joey And Audrina?

The trio's clash is all about -- you guessed it -- Justin Bobby

Stephanie and Audrina happily reunited when The Hills: New Beginnings began, but all of that changed when Drina's best friend Joey alleged that Steph was hooking up with Justin Bobby. And during tonight's brand-new episode, the ladies addressed the rumor at a Las Vegas group dinner. My, how things can change so quickly from a happy get-together where Steph wanted to discuss JB:

How did Stephanie learn about Joey's claim? A little birdie named Frankie.

"Audrina's best friend is catching on to you having your little fling thing," the family man told Stephanie and Justin Bobby. And Stephanie was completely stupefied:

Justin stated he didn't "give a sh*t," but Stephanie had more to say in her confessional.

"It's so out of left field for Joey to make this up," she stated. "There is no trail, there is no text message, there is no witness. I'm not surprised, because I know Audrina, and Audrina definitely would have told her her suspicions. And Joey's doing her dirty work for her. This is very Audrina -- no confrontation situation. It's infuriating."

And when the two ladies were finally in the same place at the same time, Stephanie took the bull by the horns.

"What's up with Joey?" she snapped.

"I don't know. Apparently, I've heard a lot, and I'm so sick of it," Audrina replied. "When you guys are together, it's hard for me to believe it. So I haven't really made it a thing."

However, Steph put it back on Joey "making it a thing" and that it was pissing her off. Audrina asserted that Joey believed it to be true, but Stephanie had a stern warning for Joey.

"Joey needs to shut her f*cking mouth, because she doesn't know what she's talking about," she firmly declared. "Joey's a bitch."

Audrina's comeback? "You're kind of a bitch too."

Stephanie was adamant that she was not canoodling with Justin Bobby and insisted Audrina relay the message to Joey. However, Audrina didn't want Stephanie bashing her friend.

"Joey is spreading rumors, and I'm not okay with that," Steph said, to which Audrina asked, "Is she?"

"Yes, obviously!" Steph emphatically replied.

Meanwhile, Justin's silence in the middle of the showdown spoke volumes. But he had words behind closed doors.

"It's like the week before that I'm kissing Audrina; the next week, I'm sleeping with Stephanie," he stated in an interview. "If I don't think it's valuable to engage, I just won't. I'm not sleeping with Stephanie, and I shouldn't have to prove it to the table."

But Stephanie had a larger issue that Audrina didn't believe her -- and wanted an apology from Joey.

"You know what? Let's go get lunch, and we can have a conversation," Audrina posed.

Steph confessed she couldn't wait -- and dropped this:

Will the future meal help the ladies squash this situation once and for all? Give us your predictions, then keep watching The Hills: New Beginnings on Mondays at 10/9c.