The Are You The One Season 8 Cast Just Secured Its First Perfect Match


The best way to rebound from a blackout? A confirmed perfect match. And during tonight's brand-new Are You the One? Come One Come All episode, the Season 8 cast was able to do just do that. They followed their hearts!

The lucky duo to be crowned a match? Brandon and Aasha.

"Oh my God, this isn't real!" Aasha screamed in the Truth Booth, while Brandon lifted her up for a biiig celebratory hug.

And the cast at the main house was just as jubilant -- everyone pile up on the couch, please.

"I'm so honored that it's you. You're just so amazing, and I'm just so glad that I'm your match," Aasha gushed as she made her way back to celebrate with everyone. "I'm lost for words right now."

And, fortunately for everyone else except our first Season 8 PM, the group was able to lock in two additional beams at the Match Up ceremonies.

With only four more of these opportunities remaining, can the gang build on this PM success and confirm more compatible pairings? Sound off with your thoughts, offer your well wishes for Brandon and Aasha as they leave for the Boom Boom Room Honeymoon Suite and keep watching Are You the One? Come One Come All on its new night, Monday at 11/10c!