Kiss And Tell: Did Audrina And Justin Bobby Really Share A Hills Smooch?

The two have a different version of events. Of course

Audrina and Justin Bobby's are-they-or-aren't-they trend that we all know and love is in full force on The Hills: New Beginnings. And during this week's episode, the newly single mom revealed that the musician ghosted her -- but then kissed her. Or did he?

"He just kind of disappeared for a couple of weeks -- I didn't hear from him," Audrina revealed to Stephanie following her re-connection with JB post-divorce.

But then Audrina and Justin attended a music festival with Jason and Ashley (as seen on last week's installment), and things got interesting between the pair after the cameras stopped rolling.

"When Jason and Ashley left [the concert], he's grabbing my butt," Audrina revealed. "And then he walks me out to leave -- it was like a goodbye kiss on the lips."

Stephanie, we're making the same face you did.

Her real opinion? "Audrina's gullible, naive and sweet," she stated in a confessional. "It doesn't surprise me that Justin is playing Audrina, because she always takes the bait."

And when Stephanie caught up with Justin Bobby as he toured a venue for an upcoming BobbyrocK show, she obviously said that she heard that "somebody kissed Audrina." Don't act so confused, Justin.

"I don't know," he casually responded.

But Stephanie wasn't going to let him off so easy.

"Oh my God, just admit it. I already talked to her. You guys had a quick kiss," the younger Pratt pressed, while adding she doesn't kiss her friends.

JB then sort of changed his story -- and said it was a "maybe goodbye" gesture and pondered why "people play it up like that."

Answer: This is Audrina and Justin Bobby.

"Your dynamic is interesting," Steph concluded. "You don't know what's going on; she doesn't know what's going on. You are one person with her, and when someone is watching, you're someone else."

Fast forward to his big soirée: Audrina wanted to discuss the situation with Justin at his show but decided this event wasn't the "right time and place." WHY. NOT.

We're willing to bet the farm that she will address this with him -- but more importantly, which story do you believe? Audrina's or Justin's? Or both versions of the events? Sound off in the comments, and do not miss them on The Hills: New Beginnings on Mondays at 10/9c.