Broken Bromance: Can Spencer And Brody Fix Their Hills Friendship?

The guys had a chance for a 'new beginning,' but they're at a standstill

Brody once called Spencer a "little bitch" on The Hills (Season 3, Episode 4, following a contentious phone call). Now, during tonight's New Beginnings installment, he described Spencer the same exact way, and it remains to be seen if these one-time close bros can salvage the friendship they once had.

At first, Spencer was optimistic at the prospect of reverting back to old times (back door at Les Deux, anyone?), but he remained realistic about the challenges he faced.

"I was very excited to rekindle a friendship that we once had, but ever since he got married, he has changed his whole personality," Spencer said. "This is not the Brody that I grew up with."

The first effort on Spencer's part: Brandon's guy-centric pool party and Brody's resistance to turning up on a Tuesday -- even though Spencer came prepared with plenty of booze.

"Spencer can be annoying as sh*t sometimes. Like, I'm not going to drink bottles of tequila with Spencer and act like we're kids again," Brody said in a separate interview. "I'm 35 years old."

And after Brody jetted from the afternoon event early, Spencer opened up to Justin Bobby and Brandon about how his bond with the DJ has changed through the years.

"He was my best friend in 2008. I love Brody, but this is not [him]," a resigned Spencer admitted. "He said Kaitlynn 10 times -- like, huh? The guy is f*cking clearly controlled like a f*cking puppet," he continued, while adding that their "momentum" was halted when Kaitlynn came into the picture, bringing them back to "square one."

And speaking of Brody's wife -- what did she observe about her husband's mounting beef with Spencer?

"You've tried to talk to Spencer, but when the somebody makes it difficult as a friend to talk to them, then you need to figure out if you want to have that in your life," Kaitlynn told Brody.

Both of the guys' frustrations came to a head at Justin Bobby's performance, and their chat did not resolve much of anything (have to mention a sprinkling of miscommunications about invitations to special occasions like Brody's upcoming DJ residency or Gunner's first birthday bash).

"I know who you are, dog -- I want real Brody," Spencer pleaded.

"Real Brody isn't 10 tequilas deep Brody," Brody rebutted. "If you wanted to come turn up on a Friday or Saturday, where were you? Why didn't you come?"

Spencer spat that he was never invited, but the conversation reverted back to Spencer not being included at his wedding (Spencer was invited to the party).

"Stop being like that -- let's go have some fun," Brody pleaded, explaining that some of his closest pals weren't included at the destination ceremony.

But Spencer simply couldn't and insisted that he had "made all the effort."

"I'm calling all the time," Spencer began, before Brody interjected with this:

That hurts -- and it feels like we are eons away from those smiling nights out and cordial car rides through Hollywood (see below).

But back to the present: Brody confessed it was both of their faults, while Spencer had a tough time accepting that explanation. And when Brody tried to move forward, Spencer flat out rejected him. What do you think: Can these two get on the same blank page before you -- or are the wounds simply too deep to heal? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching the duo -- and everyone else -- every Monday on The Hills: New Beginnings at 10/9c.