Double Duty: These Are You The One? Alums Also Survived Ex On The Beach

We're looking back at who washed ashore -- and how they fared facing their former flames

Devin, Geles, Kenya, Anthony M, Shannon and Anthony B endured Truth Booths and Match Up Ceremonies -- and now they are about to experience the Shack of Secrets and Cut or Crush chips. Well, we do know they "suck at relationships."

Before these Are You the One? alums star on Season 3 of Ex on the Beach, we're taking a look back at fellow AYTO vets turned EOTB participants and how they fared on the latter series. It's not easy looking for your next one -- while you're living under the same roof as your ex.

Check out our roundup below -- and do not miss the brand-new season of Ex on the Beach premiering on Tuesday, July 16 at 8/7c! And keep watching Are You the One? Come One Come All every Wednesday at 9/8c.

  • Taylor (Season 1)

    Poor girl had three former flames wash ashore (Andre, Cameron and Joe, in that order) -- but she was able to find romance with Cory (and they are still dating, as seen on Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c).

  • Cameron (Season 1)

    He entered EOTB as "platonic friends" with Shanley, but #Shameron left the Aloha State as "friends with benefits." The spark fizzled when they returned back no more Boom Boom Room visits hookups for them.

  • Shanley (Season 1)

    She tried to show Cam what he was "missing" -- and some whipped cream certainly helped in the moment. See above for more.

  • Derrick (Season 1)

    Mr. Chocolate's erstwhile gal Angela claimed she wanted nothing to do with him, then they shared this heated moment in the confessional before going back to their fighting habits.

  • Joe (Season 1)

    He may not have rekindled things with Taylor (he claimed they hooked up the night before she left for Hawaii and was ready to gift her with a special necklace), but at least he had some fun with Faith?

  • Alicia (Season 1)

    She was voted out (ex Cory helped orchestrate her exit) -- only to come back as a single (aka immune from being eliminated).

  • Andre (Season 1)

    He may have been the first casualty, but he did get the chance to apologize to Taylor for past indiscretions.

  • Malcolm (Season 2)

    It's not easy living with two past gals (Diandra and Nurys), but he did manage to forge a connection with Maya (which ended after filming wrapped -- shocker).

  • Nelson (Season 2)

    Nada happened with his ex Nurys (well, something did before they arrived on the beach), but he did begin a relationship with Angela. Things were emotional for the couple at the reunion, but they have since parted ways.

  • Nurys (Season 2)

    Nurys had a bit of sizzle with Janelle's ex Darian, but let's be real -- her showdown with Farrah was the real kicker (pun intended).

  • Diandra (Season 2)

    First time for everything -- right, Didi?