Here's Who Isn't A Perfect Match On Are You The One? Season 8

Hello, blackout -- goodbye, $250K

Yeah, that's not the way you "redeem yourself with some beams."

During tonight's Are You the One? episode, the cast reached the halfway point, and what they hoped would be the turnaround they needed (they have have not secured more than three beams and have yet to lock down a perfect match) resulted in a blackout and the loss of $250K. That calls for a loud "WHAT?" -- and a moment to recognize that this has not happened since Season 5 of the hit dating series.

"Look at the person next to you -- that is not your perfect match," captain obvious host Terrence J told the distraught and shocked group. One devastated love hopeful? Nour, who was sitting next to steady MC companion Amber.

"How is she not my match? I don't get it," Nour sobbed to the camera post-ceremony. "This sh*t is hard."

It remains to be seen how the group will "reset and regroup" (Terrence's tips), but this is what they do know: These pairs are not scientifically compatible (and some aren't exactly that surprising)

Nour and Amber

Kylie and Jenna

Jonathan and Justin

Max and Brandon

Basit and Remy

Paige and Jasmine

Danny and Kari

Kai and Aasha

Do you think the cast can rebound and get back on track? Or will they continue to stumble to the AYTO finish? Give your take in the comments, and tell us who you think are actual PMs. And don't miss Are You the One? Come One Come All every Wednesday at 9/8c.