Mike's Jersey Shore Wedding Was Magical (But These Moments Still Made Us Cringe)

When Ronnie's gal Jen arrived? Awkward!

Mike and Lauren's seriously stunning wedding is one for the books, complete with strippers aerial dancers and Philly cheesesteaks flown in from Philly. And as of tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finale, we haven't even seen all of it.

While the drama factor has been relatively low so far (thank God), we did manage to spot a fair helping of cringe-worthy moments that would inevitably have our beloved DJ shouting his high-pitched trademark phrase. Such as:

  • When JWOWW debuted her 'Ariel hair'

    Okay, we seriously love us some JWOWW and all the sass that comes with her. But her fierce red hair extensions raised more than a few well-groomed eyebrows at the wedding. In the sarcastic words of Pauly D, "Yeah, I'm just glad Jenni didn't do anything drastic on wedding day. She didn't change much at all. Like, she kept everything low-key to take no attention off Laurens."

  • When Ronnie walked down the aisle with a death stare

    Ronnie didn't take a cue from Pauly's upbeat gait, and everyone took notice. "Oh my God -- smile, you weirdo," noted Nicole. Meanwhile, Vinny's awkward aisle stroll wasn't much better!

  • When Snooki pointed out the wedding 'strippers'

    Mike and Lauren's fairy tale wedding had it all, from stations upon stations of food to over-the-top aerial performance artists, who Nicole affectionately dubbed "strippers." "Oh my God, there are strippers. Why is she spread-eagle at a wedding? Is this Vegas? I saw a vagina not only once, but twice."

  • When Jen arrived with Ariana

    It was the moment everyone was most nervous about (probably including Ron, if we're being honest) -- Jen's grand entrance. Snooki dubbed it "a f*cking nightmare," while Jenni considered it Twilight Zone-level, complete with not-so-discreet eye rolls. Luckily, little Ariana somewhat softened the discomfort.

  • When Meilani called out 'crazy' Uncle Nino

    It was equal parts completely adorable and awkward when Jenni's mini-me said to Uncle Nino's face, "You're a crazy uncle." To which he aptly replied, "What the f*ck? I'm not crazy. I'm really happy." Yeah, we putter around and curse up a storm when we're happy, too, Uncle N.

  • When Ronnie and Jen needed a place to sit

    Deena and Chris' table became a hot commodity when Angelina and her fiancé made a beeline for it at the same time as Ron and Jen. This left Jen awkwardly holding her daughter while Angelina pretended to look for extra chairs. They eventually all squeezed in, uncomfortable silences and all.

What moment did you find the most awkward? Tell us your pick, then get ready for more cringe-worthy moments when Season 3 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation picks up next Thursday at 8/7c!