Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Why Les Deux Is More Than Just A Hills Hot Spot For Frankie Delgado

Turns out, the club changed his life forever

You could always find Frankie at Les Deux on a Hills weekend, rallying the group and ensuring everyone was having a good evening. But it turns out the Hollywood landmark haunt holds a bit more significance for him than the rest of his fellow MTV'ers because it's the site of his inaugural interaction with future bride Jennifer.

"We actually met here," Frankie, with Jen by his side, revealed at the recent New Beginnings premiere party -- which just so happened to be held at the former venue. "She was my waitress, and she tried to make me tip her a little bit more money. I bought Brody two bottles for his birthday -- we just went out, the two of us, at midnight. I was like, 'The tip is already included,' and she circled a zero. That was our first meetup."

Jen revealed she worked at Les Deux for a year and a half, and it was her first club employment experience.

"It was crazy," she said. "And this is my full circle!"

Indeed, Jen! Back to the beginning. Be sure to keep watching the Delgados on The Hills: New Beginnings every Monday at 10/9c only on MTV.