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Migos Pay Homage To The Competitive Nature Of Exotic Dancing On 'Stripper Bowl'

They show appreciation for the athleticism of pole-dancing

Pole-dancing is an art, and also a sport. Exotic dancers and strippers are its athletes with the ability to do gravity-defying stunts on the pole that come from working out and practice — no different than what basketball and football players do. And although there are stripping competitions around the world, an enormous event like the Super Bowl doesn't exist for pole-dancing just yet.

Migos have come together to release a song that calls for a  massive celebration of exotic dancing. It's called "Stripper Bowl," and it's a song for champions of a sport that proponents have argued should become an official Olympic event.

After this year's Super Bowl, Migos's label Quality Control Music threw a Stripper Bowl party, a new kind of celebration that commemorated the work of exotic dancers while also offering a glimpse at a competitive sport of sorts that could be made into a league. "Stripper Bowl" is an energetic recap of the event in terms of sights and sounds but also is a call to action in general. It demands the shaking of limbs, for money to be thrown on the ground, and for dancing to begin.

The Migos trio take turns with sporty verses that invite the competition that they hope to see. Could the Stripper Bowl become a real thing? We don't know. But this song could be a glimpse at that reality.

Migos dropped a collaboration with Mustard, "Pure Water," earlier this year. Their last album as a group was 2018's Culture II. Listen to "Stripper Bowl" above.