(Xavi Torrent/WireImage)

Robyn Takes You Outside Of Time And Space In 'Ever Again' Video

You won't want to wake up from this dream

Robyn's dreamlike music suspends you somewhere between waking and sleep, where the demons of sleep paralysis slowly stroke your shoulders while you watch in horror. It brings peace, but it's always hard to describe exactly what it feels like, what it sounds like, and even what it tastes like — because music can leave behind some kind of lasting touch on the tongue.

In the video for "Ever Again," the singer is suspended in between concrete times, in a realm like our own, but vastly different. It's visually striking, and more importantly, dreamy.

Robyn is... underwater. She pulls you away from the land of black eyelids into where your limbs are limp and stiff, watching her sing in a ghostly white dress in a land of statues. The walls, possibly skies, are a deep blue. Nothing passes here, especially not time. In this aquamarine paradise, she entrances with each note, each movement, that keeps you invested in what she's saying. You won't want to wake up from this dream.

Robyn released Honey last year, and since then, she's dropped some of the most creative videos in the industry. Last month, the sun-kissed "Between the Lines" video arrived with giant splashes of color, with "Send to Robyn Immediately," and the album's title track also receiving one-of-a-kind treatments.

Immerse yourself in Robyn's fantasy world in "Ever Again" up above.