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Lindsay Lohan Is Really, Really Excited For Taylor Swift’s New Album

'We think you're great'

Yesterday (June 14), Taylor Swift delighted fans around the world by hopping on Instagram Live at 5 p.m. EST to share some exciting news about her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover. Swift pretty much divulged all the essential details in the livestream, including the album’s title, its release date, and when and where we can watch the music video for the LP’s second single, “You Need To Calm Down,” which dropped at midnight. Of course, Swifties everywhere lost their minds over the exciting news. But even more surprising than the last-minute single announcement was perhaps the fact that Lindsay Lohan revealed herself as a diehard Swiftie, just like the rest of us. No, really!

If you were one of the devoted fans that hid in the bathroom stall at work just to watch Tay’s announcement yesterday, you may have seen some pretty interesting comments flash across your screen from the Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club star. At first, Lohan commented a heart-eye emoji, which initially seemed like a sweet message from a supportive fellow celeb. Alas, things escalated rather quickly, and what fans ultimately realized is that Lohan's a full-blown fangirl, which is, well, relatable AF.

In addition to sending Taylor the emoji, the Mean Girls actress continued to appear in the comments with other messages that, if nothing else, completely encompass the emotions that all her fans are feeling right now. "We think you're great," Lindsay wrote. "You should respond! ... To your fans!" she added. But just like the rest of us, capturing the pop star's attention proved to be a difficult feat for Lohan, which is why she decided to comment again, guns a-blazing. "My mom was in cats," she wrote in a last-ditch effort to catch the 29-year-old's eye, seeing as Swift has a role in the upcoming movie version of the musical Cats. Welp, it was worth a shot!

Although this clearly didn't pan out for Lindsay quite in the way she had originally intended, the internet is certainly having a field day with this one-sided interaction. In less than 24 hours, Lindsay made herself into yet another meme, as if her viral Mykonos dance wasn't enough already.

Sure, the argument could be made that Lindsay's comments were a bit... excessive, but let's be real: Is there a Swiftie out there who wouldn't go to the ends of the Earth to try and interact with the global superstar in some way? Absolutely not. Plus, we're kind of looking forward to hordes of Swifties showing up to the Lover tour in shirts that say, "My mom was in Cats."