Here's Who Vinny And Pauly Chose (Or, Um, Didn't Choose) On Double Shot At Love

Alysse, Derynn, Elle and Nikki finally learned their fate on the show's finale

DJ Pauly D and Vinny were on a quest to find twice the love -- so did the Double Shot ladies "accept these bros," and did the Jersey Shore guys say goodbye to the "bachelor life"?

In the end, this "whirlwind" came down to Alysse and Elle vying for Vinny and Derynn and Nikki wanting to be with Pauly. Vin went first at the final decision; Elle gushed that he "totally disarmed" her and she couldn't wait to watch movies/shoot hoops, while Alysse confessed that she developed "real genuine feeling at the club."

"After seeing you with my parents, it just made me realize to get out of my head and just focus on us," Freckles reflected. "I feel like you're everything that I want and need in my life."

After looking back at the memories he shared with each lady, Vinny opted to say goodbye to Elle and confessed his true feelings for Alysse.

"Since the first minute we chilled with each other, I'm always drawn to you," Vin sweetly told her. "It feels effortless when I hang out with you. I know you're shy and introverted, and I am too. But if you're ready for a shot at love, I am too."

With that, they sealed the "funeral" "celebration" with a "real kiss" (thanks, Pauly, for giving your bro the encouragement). And a funny request courtesy of Vin because of Alysse's height/tallness that she only wear flats from now on.

Then it was Pauly's turn to be with enemies Nikki and Derynn.

"I really do love you, and this just wouldn't make sense going forward without you," Nikki tearfully admitted. So that's what she was thinking during the lie detector test.

Bring on Derynn's skepticism (yes, she was standing right next to her nemesis).

"I just want to throw up," she said. "You love him? You love a guy you just met?"

Derynn took a more more lighthearted approach, declaring Pauly was more than just a "good tan and some hair gel."

"I have never felt this way about anyone so fast, and I think you may be my soul mate," she stated.

But Pauly couldn't see a future with Derynn, so he sent her home (ice cream is the best cure for rejection). Plot twist: He also eliminated Nikki, who was ecstatic just moments prior to Derynn's exit and again told Pauly she loved him.

"Nikki, we both came here looking for love, but you're so sure, so soon, you caught me off guard. We definitely have a strong connection, but the feelings you carry, that didn't happen for me," Pauly explained. "As much as it kills me to say this, I'm rolling solo for now."

Nikki was heartbroken and shocked -- and even refused his request to walk her out.

"He literally stabbed me in my gut," she said. "He stared me in his eyes and told me 'no.'"

But Pauly defended his actions, claiming that honesty was the most important way to proceed during this experience. And, of course, Vin had his back.

"I may be leaving this house solo, but I'm still searching. So if she is out there, I'm here, and my heart's on my sleeve," Pauly concluded. "I know how to be vulnerable now. I will let anyone in."

Vin's take on everything that unfolded?

"I found someone who made it all worth it," he said of the girl with whom he shared his first -- and now last -- Double Shot lip lock. "I was surprised she even liked me from the beginning." Ending on a humorous, self-deprecating note -- here for it.

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