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Ty Dolla $ign And J. Cole Show Off All Kinds Of Love In 'Purple Emoji' Video

Real love is the most beautiful and powerful force on this blue rock that we call home

Ty Dolla $ign and J. Cole have dropped off a stirring video for their new heartwarming single "Purple Emoji." The song is about deep and honest love, and in the accompanying video, they retain this focus. By showcasing all kinds of affection, the video becomes a portrait of love and the beauty that can be found in between the smiles and well-orchestrated Instagram shots edited by Facetune. You'll let out a nonstop barrage of "aww" until the video is over.

True love is refreshing to see. Movies never seem to capture it just right. Sure, the well-thought-out dialogue and camera angles make it look good, but it never feels authentic. Here, Ty, Cole, and director Olivia Rose are able to find the reality in love. It doesn't just exist in perfect shots — it's also in the road to those setups and the in-between times.

The video follows a group of couples of all ages, ethnicities, and sexualities as they work to pose for pictures. They smile and laugh, nuzzle on each other's faces, and revel in the company of their partners. Often times, it's as if the camera isn't even on them, like we're watching these couples in private. This is what love looks like and feels like. The world doesn't matter when the other person is there.

Ty released "Purple Emoji" earlier this month. A new album should be on the way; his last solo effort was 2017's Beach House 3. Last year, he connected with Jeremih for a joint LP, MihTy.

Watch the beauty of all kinds of love in "Purple Emoji" up above.