Catie Lafoon

LANY And Julia Michaels Rollerblade Their Heartbreak Away In 'Okay' Video

Inspired by 'Mighty Ducks 2,' of course

Exactly one month after LANY and Julia Michaels dropped "okay" — their self-described "breezy bop" of a collaboration — they've returned with a visual tailor-made for summer nights.

The action begins on a beach in Venice, California, where LANY frontman Paul Klein and bandmates Les Priest and Jake Goss rollerblade down the palm tree-lined sidewalk. Michaels, meanwhile, strolls down the pier at sunset, her vocals intertwined with Klein's as they lament a crumbling relationship. In a particularly nifty shot, the moon fades into a disco ball, and the vid switches scenes to a moodily lit roller rink. There, a crew of skaters show off some fancy footwork while Klein and Michaels sing back to back, repeatedly asking, "I'm gonna be okay / Right?"

Speaking about the new video with MTV News last month, Klein said he took inspiration from one of his favorite kids movies. "You remember that movie Mighty Ducks 2? There's this beautiful scene where Coach Bombay, Emilio Estevez, is having this reflective moment, skating on this tennis court in Malibu during the sunset. We're going to try to capture that vibe," he explained.

"I just love dropping songs in the summer, and I think this is a really nice, summer, breezy bop," he continued. "So I kind of wanted to throw it back to that summer childhood nostalgia, which to me is rollerblading."

The "okay" video comes as LANY continues their North American tour. Michaels, meanwhile, wrapped her supporting stint on P!nk's Beautiful Trauma World Tour last night, and kicks off her headlining Inner Monologue Tour this fall. With such busy summers ahead, here's hoping both artists manage to squeeze in some blading time between shows — they make it look too fun.