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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Looks Like A Fractured Fairy Tale That Oozes With Style

Hollywood in the swingin' '60s

Quentin Tarantino's ninth film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is looking like an extremely wild ride.

Set in the late 1960s, the film follows Leonardo DiCaprio as a washed-up TV star named Rick Dalton, who ends up making friends with his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). As the landscape of Hollywood continues to change, the pair struggle to find their place in an industry that wouldn't think twice about chewing them up and spitting them out.

“It’s official, old buddy,” Dalton laments to Booth after he has a particularly public meltdown. “I’m a has-been.”

But the movie gets far more complicated from there. Dalton soon realizes that his new neighbor down the street happens to be none other than Sharon Tate herself (portrayed by Margot Robbie), the wife of director Roman Polanski.

Before long, we're dragged down a rabbit hole that even features the infamous Charles Manson cult, with brief glimpses of their members and a foreboding, stomach-churning reminder of the tragedy that would eventually befall Tate at the hands of the Mansons during their eventual murder spree.

It's unclear at this point if history will repeat itself for the sake of the movie or if Tate may be spared for her role in the movie, but either way we know we're in for a wild ride. And that's about all we know. Judging by the footage in this new extended trailer alone, it all looks just wacky enough that it could work.

It's also fueled by pure star power, with an A-list ensemble cast on tap to bring their talents to the screen: Timothy OlyphantAl PacinoLuke PerryDakota Fanning, and James Marsden are on board, and we're just getting started.

The impenetrable '60s vibe, trippy atmosphere, and unmistakably campy trailer make Tarantino's latest look like a must-see. And see it you can, when the movie lands in theaters later this summer on July 26.