Sneak Peek: The Double Shot At Love Ladies Are In 'Mommy Mode'

After all, Pauly D needs to see if they can handle his daughter

DJ Pauly D is a proud father to Amabella -- but are the Double Shot at Love ladies ready to date someone with a child?

In a sneak peek of tonight's upcoming episode, Pauly wants to see the remaining women's motherly instincts with his little girl. Enter "Amabella" (who doesn't resemble his spawn), some tea cups and a bunch of dolls.

"We are literally in mommy mode," Elle confesses in the clip, while she plays with the kiddo. "Like, oh my God, this is his precious little girl -- we cannot f*ck this up."

Pauly (plus Vinny) are watching how the ladies interact with the five-year-old. So what does Pauly tell the child to ask Elle, Marissa and Derryn? And how do they react to her query? And does Holly pass the parenting test? Watch the clip to see it all -- and do not miss a brand-new episode tonight at 8/7c!