YouTube/Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen Smashes Cakes With Her Clones In 'Too Much' Video

Can you tell which one is the real CRJ?

Carly Rae Jepsen's fourth studio album Dedicated is out today (May 17) and to christen its release, she's dropped the video for "Too Much." The track itself came out on May 9 as a promotional single, but the artistic capabilities in its two-word title were too much to leave it visual-less. So here we have a video with too many Jepsens — if we're assuming that there is such a thing has having too many of her in the first place.

"Too Much" is about doing things in excess. Partying too much, thinking too much, drinking too much. To explain her knack for overdoing things, she decides to have you, the viewer, looking at more than one version of her. Too many, actually. Too much. The video finds Jepsen performing a synchronized dance routine with an army of clones (really, women dressed similar to her and not expensive, elaborate CGI work) that mimic her every move.

The effect is like watching a line of ants marching to the hill. It's endlessly entertaining and takes up the crux of the video's runtime — until they start smashing a delicious looking cake into each other's faces, leaving buttercream icing to smear all over the table, their skin, and the floor. We feel sorry for the poor soul who had to clean that up.

Dedicated features the previously released singles, "Party for One," "Now That I Found You," "No Drug Like Me," and "Julien." On May 23, Jepsen will be heading out on the Dedicated tour in support of the new LP that kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden and wraps up on August 11 in Los Angeles.

Take a look at the dizzying video for "Too Much" up above.