Double Shot Sneak Peek: Who's Texting DJ Pauly D (After Already Hooking Up With Vinny)?

Find out which lady is clearly shopping around

Elle may have been Vinny's "first lady," but now she wants a shot with Pauly D. Love triangle alert?

In a sneak peek of tonight's A Double Shot at Love, the Kim Kardashian lookalike sends a text to Pauly requesting he meet her in the gazebo. And Vinny is a bit surprised by her message (the women do get to pick who they would like to date) and offers a simple "Elle, what the hell." Now we're rhyming.

"Hello? 'Ello?," Vinny asks. "Didn't we have this amazing connection together? I'm a little butt-hurt."

Will Pauly accept her rose invitation to the mini-date? Or will he say no and allow Vinny to proceed with Elle what the hell? Watch the clip to find out -- and don't miss the entire Double Shot episode tonight at 8/7c!