Sneak Peek: Mathan's Love For His Catfish Is Deemed 'Masochism'

Kamie has a way with words, doesn't she?

A 22-year-old is kinda-sorta being deemed a masochist because, after being strung along by a possible catfish for nine years, he still can't quit her.

"I started talking to Leah back when I was 13," Mathan explains to Nev and guest sleuth Kamie Crawford in a sneak peek of this week's Catfish episode, below. "The problem is, Leah has always been kind of mysterious, like she's never telling me the whole story."

That's not all: According to Mathan, Leah goes in and out of his life for "months on end," eventually resurfacing but never explaining her disappearing act.

So why is the handsome L.A. resident enduring such drama?

"Because I love her," he says simply.

But for her part, Kamie calls the entire situation -- and Mathan's devotion to Leah -- "crazy, never-ending masochism." What does Nev think of it all? And what does Mathan reveal about Leah's "bumpy" past? Watch the clip to find out, then catch the entire Catfish episode tomorrow at 8/7c.