If You Think You're Sad Game Of Thrones Is Ending, Look At Kit Harington

'I really have given this everything I have'

You aren't the only one upset by Game of Thrones' upcoming ending.

In a new clip showcasing HBO's upcoming documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is seen early on in the clip totally breaking down during the cast's final table read for the show while Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) looks on, barely containing her laughter.

D.B. Weiss, one of the show's creators, looks on, giving a bit of a speech about the situation the cast and crew finds themselves in.

“This is strange. Here we are, at the last table read, and it’s like looking around and seeing your family," he says, voice filled to the brim with emotion. And everyone is there – you can look around in the brief clip and see everyone's smiling faces around the room, including Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and the rest of the gang.

Among some of the nuggets we'll be privy to are some other exciting moments such as Clarke filming her final scene on the show, Sophie Turner's scene where she says goodbye to Theon, and an abundance of what happens behind the scenes to make Game of Thrones the veritable slice of fantasy magic that's been served up to us over the last 8 seasons.

It's hard not to watch this clearly tight-knit family and get emotional, especially when you see Harington totally losing it so early in the clip. It's clear there will be plenty of similar tearjerkers littered throughout the documentary, so if you plan on watching it when it debuts, it might be a good idea to keep a box of tissues in hand. You can probably just go ahead and keep the same one handy you'll need when the series finale airs on Sunday, May 19.

You can catch Game of Thrones: The Last Watch when it premieres on HBO on May 26.