Weddings 101: How To Prep For The Big Day, Jersey Shore-Style

Mike pulled out all the stops to ensure his nuptials would be picture-perfect

With any wedding comes a boatload of prep work -- heck, even your most basic bromittment ceremony takes a little coordination.

But as we saw throughout Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, ain't nothin' like getting ready for a Jersey wedding -- right, Mike and Lauren? From living your best life through food to T-shirt-turned-tuxedo time, here are a few Big Daddy Sitch-inspired tips to help anyone prep for their big day.

  • Don matching monogrammed duds

    Coordinating custom jumpsuits are pretty much a requirement for any Jersey Shore-style occasion. Also, don't forget to announce your arrival at the top of your lungs, much like you would the cabs.

  • Practice makes perfect

    Memo to the bridal party: Nothing is half-assed in Jersey. Whether you're practicing your drag-inspired flower girl prance, your 30-minute best man speech (hey, Ronnie!) or your fresh-to-death Rob Base routine, make sure you've rehearsed until everything is flawless.

  • Live your best life

    If you're anything like BDS, you've been busy "shredding for the wedding," but the night before, it's time to treat yo'self to some foods. Bonus points for Funfettis and a diet soder.

  • Clear the air of any drama

    The last thing you want is any tension overshadowing such a momentous occasion. Let's not beat around the bush -- here's hoping Ronnie and Jen can keep their TMZ status on lockdown for Mike and Lauren's benefit.

  • Give good gifts

    Bridal party gifts are a given for any wedding, and in Jersey, something with the Italian flag is a must. In this case, dress socks. And if you're feeling extra (because that's BDS for you), custom bobbleheads of your best men make for a nice addition.

  • Get beautified

    Hitting up the barber, getting pedicures and practicing good skin care is key for any metro guido, as Mike can attest. "I'm big with the skin," he shares. "I start with a morning mask. Then after the morning mask, I have the mid-morning mask, and I also do a shave. Then I do a post-shave mask. Beauty is pain." Vampire facial and witness protection wig à la JWOWW, optional.

  • Tuxedo time

    T-shirt time is so 2012. Now that the guys are older and wiser, their style has evolved. "We've grown. Now it's tuxedo time," says Sitch. (But good luck with that bowtie.)

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