The Walking Dead: Shirlene's Catfish Faked His Own Death To Avoid Meeting Her


An online fraud “died” on this week’s Catfish -- but was then miraculously resurrected just two days later.

James, aka the walking dead, was the Internet paramour of a 21-year-old Arizona woman named Shirlene, who’d contacted Nev and guest host Kamie Crawford for assistance. The problem? Shirlene and James had fallen in love, but the latter was more than a little mistrustful. Get this: When the two connected via phone, James wouldn’t actually speak -- Shirlene would do the talking, and James would text her his responses.

Yes, really.

After that came more BS -- and the aforementioned fatality. “Suddenly, James was on the road a lot for work,” Shirlene said. “Then he died.”

But how, exactly, did Shirlene find out about James’ visit from the Grim Reaper?

“I woke up to a text from his sister saying he died,” she said, explaining that a woman named Mya broke the bad news. But give Shirlene a little credit -- she wasn’t buying it, and when she texted James to call bullsh*t, he admitted he was alive and well.

“I know -- I have to explain,” he said -- but alas, he never did.

Before long, Nev and Kamie had a couple of suspects: First, there was Shirlene’s baby daddy (she had a young son), but mostly, every sign on Earth pointed to her best friend Nicole, who Nev said might have started to “catch feelings” for Shirlene.

So was Nicole the one pretending to be James? Nope. It was Mya, who wasn’t really James’ sister because James didn’t exist. She made the online profile, she said, to fill the void left after her real sister’s death.

“I wanted to create a friendship, to create a bond,” she said during the big reveal. At first, she denied having any romantic feelings for Shirlene -- then admitted she did, saying she was afraid to have a relationship with a woman. She eventually apologized for her ruse, telling Shirlene, “I’d be grateful if we can stay friends.”

So did they? Not really. Two months later, Shirlene told Nev and Kamie she hadn’t been in touch with Mya much and that she was “just trying to do [her] own thing.” But can you blame her? Or would you have forgiven Mya and stayed friends with her? Tell us what you would have done, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.