Floribama's Codi And Kirk Proved They're Not 'Basic Bitches' On How Far Is Tattoo Far?

The two vowed to best Aimee and Nilsa with some truly unforgettable ink

No, really -- that was way too far.

On tonight’s How Far is Tattoo Far?, Codi and Kirk from MTV’s Floribama Shore joined the fun and games -- and left with some questionable ink. So what kind of body art did the two plan for each other?

"It's going to be a PSA for women,” Kirk said about the tattoo he’d designed for his BFF.

Meanwhile, Codi said forebodingly, “I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

The stakes, it seemed, were high: According to the fellas, Floribama’s Aimee and Nilsa -- who appeared on How Far is Tattoo Far? last season -- had struck out.

“They [were] basic bitches,” Codi said, recalling the duo’s girly ink, "and we ain’t that.”

The proof? For starters, Codi’s tattoo, which consisted of “a pile of vomit” (co-host Nico Tortorella’s words, not ours), a crown and the words “Puke Rally.”

"He throws up at bars, [then] comes back and parties even harder, but he likes to kiss girls in between,” Kirk reasoned, before turning to Codi and saying, “You gotta let these girls know that they may be swallowing chunks if they kiss you at a bar.”

Oh, PSA – we get it now.

Then there was Kirk’s tattoo: a “hotheaded” pitbull -- with Kirk’s face -- holding a chicken wing and standing on a pile of crackers.

“You can sometimes get heated over little things on the show,” Codi explained, mentioning the infamous chicken incident and that time Kirk threw crackers at a club.

So, as co-host Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi inquired, were the guys still BFFs after the ink-fest? Most definitely.

"It's all good," Kirk said. And, best of all, they’d done exactly what they set out to do.

"I will say this,” Codi announced. “We are way better than Nilssa and Aimee."

Still, we’ve got to ask: Would you be as cool about getting tattoos like Kirk’s and Codi’s? Or would you flip out and start throwing crackers? Tell us how you’d react, then keep watching How Far is Tattoo Far? every Thursday at 9/8c.