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Beyoncé's Original 'Sorry' Demo Has New And Old Lemonade Listeners In Their Feelings

Which do you prefer – the bold, celebratory release version or the more ethereal and mysterious original one?

Beyoncé's Lemonade is finally available on Apple Music and Spotify after being originally released on Tidal in 2016. (Three years to the date, in fact.) As a consolation prize for the wait, Queen Bey has released the original demo version of "Sorry" which appears as the fourth track on Lemonade. As fans revisit the masterfully personal LP and absorb this new edition to the tracklist, the reactions coming out are conflicted. Fans love both the regular and demo versions of "Sorry." Which is the superior?

The 2016 version of "Sorry" is one that you've heard on urban radio and probably in clubs and social settings. It's not the fastest track in the world, but there's a celebratory, almost party-like atmosphere to the tune. It's about not accepting an apology after being put through the wringer in a relationship multiple times. Beyoncé's middle fingers are up and it's delicious. Our smile reflects hers as she asserts her self-worth.

The demo version is much more ethereal and mysterious. Its vibe is different, being more of an invitation for a partner to act up so she can leave as opposed to being fed up and moving on anyway. She questions choked up sentences with a careless, mischievous grin and it's unsettling. Hearing Bey's voice this soft, milky, and smooth raises gooseflesh and releases pent up stores of the brain's dopamine. It couldn't be any more different than what was officially packaged with the project. Both fit into the wider range of what Lemonade has to say about Beyoncé. Regardless of which version of "Sorry" you hear, it's clear that Queen Bey isn't to be toyed with.

So how do fans feel about these two vastly different versions? It appears that the fandom is split down the middle. It's clear that both versions are their favorites. Take a look at some fan reactions below.

After poring over everything that Lemonade has to offer (or re-offer, if you've already listened to it), you'll want to listen to Queen Bey's surprise LP, Homecoming: The Album, that dropped last week. Then you'll want to watch her new Netflix documentary film of the same name. There's a lot of new Beyoncé to take in.

Take a listen to both songs up top for yourself and see which one that you prefer.