Double Deceit: Oceanna And Her Ex Were Both Being Catfish-ed By The Same Person

Who was faking them out? The list of suspects was practically endless

An aspiring hairstylist kicked her suspicious online love to the curb -- but on tonight's episode of Catfish, she sought help because the creeper had suddenly resurfaced.

Oceanna, a 21-year-old from North Carolina, had met a girl named Nelly on Instagram just six months ago, and a romance quickly blossomed. Eventually, however, Nelly flaked on an in-person meetup, causing Oceanna to write her off. But the former returned in an unexpected way: As Oceanna explained to Nev and this week’s guest host -- model Slick Woods -- her ex-girlfriend Kira had been hit up on IG by a gal named Kayla, and Kayla was a friend of Nelly’s. And get this: Kayla and Nelly had the very same phone number.

So Nelly was really Kayla, and she was just messing with both Oceanna and Kira, right? Not necessarily. Before long, Nev and Slick had a list of suspects. First off, there was Kira, because, well, who’s to say she was telling the truth? Second, there was Raven, a woman Nelly had said was her very best pal and who Oceanna herself had befriended (and even videochatted with).

Third, there was the aforementioned Kayla, if she was in fact real. Oh, and for good measure, there was Ciara, a new girl Oceanna was talking to who was also friends with Kayla.

Confused yet? We bet. But at least one suspect was soon eliminated: When Oceanna met up with Kira, the latter swore she wasn’t Nelly and vowed to help solve the mystery. Meanwhile, the entire situation inspired Nev to make an observation.

“This is a Catfish first,” he said. “We’ve brought different hopefuls together to bust the same catfish. But we’ve never brought two hopefuls together that were dating before they got catfished, potentially by the same person.”

So who was Nelly? Turns out, it was Raven.

“I found Oceanna’s Instagram, and I liked what I saw,” she said after the big reveal. “But I felt like I couldn’t approach her because I thought she wouldn’t talk to me. So I created a fake page.”

Eventually, Raven apologized, but two months later, Oceanna reported in a catch-up chat with Nev that Raven had contacted her and proclaimed herself the “Catfish queen,” negating any previous mea culpas. With that in mind, what do you think of the Raven’s web of deceit? And, given her apparent lack of remorse, will she continue catfishing? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.