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Carly Rae Jepsen's Heart Is Broken By Her Own Decisions On 'Julien'

When you're the cause of a heartbreak instead of the victim, the pain is searing and electric

Heartbreak stings, but it hits even worse when it's by your doing. We often think of ourselves as victims in sour relationship experiences, that no matter what we did, the other person shouldn't have acted in the manner that they did. These occasions where you're at fault and the other person isn't are marred by an overwhelming sense of regret that isn't quelled by eating ice cream on the couch while watching The Notebook. You have to learn how to live with the decision that you made – that's it. On Carly Rae Jepsen's new single, "Julien," the singer deals with self-imposed heartbreak and struggles to cope while wishing for another chance. It's beautiful sonically, yet hard to listen to. We've all been at that low point.

"Julien" is a delicate funk banger that cooly makes use of soft guitars. Jepsen is a wounded animal, searching for a way to cauterize her injuries as she lies on the road to heartbreak. "I'm forever haunted by our time / We had a moment, we had a summertime," she sings with cloudy eyes, reflecting on the past. But it's her fault that her relationship with her partner is no more. "Asked me to leave with you, but I could never decide / I've been so torn up, I've been so out of it / I'm forever haunted by our time," she admits, trying to come to peace with her decision but finding herself unable to.

To her last breath, she admits that she will be whispering "Julien." The emotional roughness juxtaposes with the track's almost melancholic softness that makes it a smooth pop listen. It may sound good, but whoever Julien is has to feel absolutely horrendous when he hears this track – if the situation is real.

Jepsen's heartbreaking tune is the third single released from her forthcoming album, Dedicated, set to drop on May 17. The other previously released tunes are "Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me." It's been a four-year drought since her last LP, EMOTION, came out in 2015. She'll be going on tour in support of her new LP in June.

Listen to the depressing reality of "Julien" up above.