(Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Zayn Swoons Over The Curves Of The Earth's Terrain In 'Stand Still' Video

He then folds the land over like it's inside of a kaleidoscope

Zayn's "Stand Still" is an enchanting spell that whispers about the Earth to explain a sudden and constricting love. He has shared a video that shows this infatuation, but instead of with a person, it's with the world itself. He takes it a step further and then plays with the construction of his world and, in the process, creates a captivating, romantic film that romanticizes the many skies of our planet.

There aren't many words that can describe the beauty of "Stand Still." In this homage to our space rock, there are people, the size of ants, standing in a vast array of environments. Foresty mountains with clusters of trees and vast amounts of open soil, snow-blanketed white fields, and gigantic sand dunes under cloudy skies are a few of the planet's many faces on display. Zayn himself is absent but his voice is the soft wind that blows through each locale. Soon, the environments fold over, becoming mirrored. This warped depiction of nature is all the proof we need that we have a beautiful planet. We need to savor it.

"Stand Still" comes from Zayn's 2018 album Icarus FallsIn January, the singer released a cinematic, heartbreaking visual for "Satisfaction" that followed the tale of two lovers separated by violence.

Check out the eerily calm video for "Stand Still" up above.