Jay-Z And Beyoncé Go Public On 'TRL' In 2002: Watch The Classic Clip Now!

In the lead-up to 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' we look back at the moment the First Couple went public for the first time.

It's almost impossible to remember a time when Jay-Z and Beyoncé weren't a couple ... but in 2002, when they first went public with "'03 Bonnie & Clyde," most folks couldn't believe that [article id="1709894"]a kid from the Marcy Projects[/article] had managed to win the affections of the burgeoning Queen Bey, who had just gone solo after five years in Destiny's Child.

And yet, more than a decade later, they're still going strong ... and that's putting it mildly. [article id="1584903"]Married in 2008[/article], Jay and Beyonce are not only hip-hop royalty, but one of the [article id="1629585"]highest-earning celebrity couples[/article] in the world, not to mention [article id="1709754"]doting parents[/article] to their daughter, Blue Ivy. But when they stopped by "TRL" in late '02 to perform "Bonnie & Clyde," well, they were still in the early stages of their relationship, and hesitant to talk about anything involving their relationship.

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"We met a long time ago; award shows, a lot of different performances," Beyoncé responded to Carson Daly's question about how the two had met. And when the "TRL" host pressed a little further, Jay stepped in to quickly change the conversation.

"You know, people, you see each other, and you respect each other's music, there's always that conversation 'We oughta do something!' he said. "[It's] that time filler. When that time filler turns into something real, it's music."

And it's proven to be a whole lot more than that. So it's fitting then, that on Jay's upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album, the couple will re-team for a sequel to "Bonnie & Clyde," a track called "Part II (On The Run)." After all, they've been through it all together -- like Bey sang on the original, she was ""down to ride til the very end" -- so in the lead up to Magna Carta, we're taking a look back at their appearance on "TRL," the moment when the first couple when public for the first time.