Young Moms Club Eviction: Will Cheyenne Get Thrown Out By Her Own Mother?

So much for nepotism

Cheyenne and her family finally moved into their own place on tonight’s Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, but the 23-year-old is already having trouble with her landlord -- aka her mom.

Not that we’re surprised. When Kelly made the proposal -- she wanted to move out of her house and offered to rent it Cheyenne and her husband Teli -- she attached a list of rules.

“I expect you to maintain the landscaping, and that includes the side yards,” she began. And most important, she wanted them to pay the rent -- something they didn’t do the first time they leased from her. Yup, turns out, Chey and Teli had been down this road before -- and failed miserably.

“The last time, you couldn’t pay the rent, and it can’t happen again,” Kelly said. “If you guys don’t’ll have to move.”

Grateful to have another chance, the two signed on the dotted line, then threw a housewarming party. But alas, Cheyenne’s fellow mom’s club members brought their offspring and, well, not everyone was on their best behavior. First, Chandlar’s daughter began riding around on a chair with wheels; Alyssa’s son then started throwing rocks. And Kelly, who apparently has zero sense of humor, had a mini meltdown.

“The kids are out of control,” she said. “They’re pouring water and ice, flooding the toilet. This is not working.” Then, when Kelly heard the sound of glass breaking, her head practically exploded. And that, in turn, sent Cheyenne into a frenzy.

“I never know what’s going to happen with my mom -- she gets super-heated,” she said. “I’m just worried that she’s going to kick us out. Me, Teli and the kids will have nowhere to go. [This] could cost me everything.”

But will it? Do you think Cheyenne’s mother will really evict her daughter just because of a flooded toilet (and some broken glass, and, well, you get the picture)? And even if she doesn’t, will Chey and Teli be able to pay the rent? Give us your predictions, then catch another Teen Mom: Young Moms Club on Monday at 10/9c.