Alessia Cara Witnesses Breakup After Breakup In New 'Out Of Love' Video

'This entire video is me third wheeling everybody'

Just as Troye Sivan and Lauv played ghosts who hovered over happy couples in their "i'm so tired..." video, Alessia Cara is an invisible bystander in her new vid for "Out Of Love." But instead of watching young lovers in the prime of their relationships, Cara watches as they all break up and (literally) fade away.

The video, which arrived on Thursday (April 4), finds the singer moving in and out of different scenes where couples are clearly on the verge of splitting up; you can tell by their stillness, their silence, and their clearly uncomfortable body language. "Nothing can fill up the space, won't ask you to stay," Cara sings, "But let me ask you one thing / When did you fall out of love, out of love?" As she asks that heartbreaking question for the last time, a cloud of smoke rolls over each pair, symbolizing the end has come. At least it looked pretty while it lasted.

On Twitter, Cara hilariously noted that "this entire video is me third wheeling everybody." She also added, "Because I didn't write this song about me, I wanted the video to portray being a bystander to other people's stories." In an interview with the Associated Press last year, she discussed the genesis of the song further, revealing that she wrote it about a friend's breakup (and that her friend even got back together with the person who fell out of love with him — happy endings exist after all!).