DJ Pauly D and Vinny Already Pulled An Epic Prank On A Double Shot At Love

Tonight's premiere featured quite a curveball

Plot twist, A Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny style.

During tonight's double-sized premiere, the Jersey Shore bros met the 20 lucky ladies competing for their own happily ever after. But, of course, there was a catch: The women were divided into two groups of 10 -- one batch thought they were dating Pauly (while Vinny served as the Chris Harrison host), while the other thought their bachelor was Vin (with Pauly as the master of ceremonies). And we thought the Angelina arrival was the most epic prank war champion.

After the initial meetings unfolded, four women were told that their "cabs are here" (signaling elimination): Cryer Cate took herself out of the running during Pauly's group, while the DJ couldn't get over how much Alli looked like his ex Aubrey O'Day (the physical similarities were striking). Meanwhile, Vin let Deseree go (they both like "combat sports") and "too strong" Shira was also sent on her way.

The morning after the women had their shot to make a good first impression (between mentions of squid porn and sniffing), Paulinny planned to drop a biggie on them.

"We're all drinking, hanging out, and all of a sudden these gnomes come in," master crawler Derynn stated. "Who are these bitches?"

Technically it's Maria, Christina, Victoria, Angelina Marissa, Brittnay, Holly, Alysse, and Zuljeily. The secret's almost out and both guys are looking for love, but will their plan "backfire"? Which women will gravitate toward Pauly, and who will be attracted to Vinny? Will Pauly and Vinny crush over the same girl(s)? So many romantic possibilities -- and they'll continue to unfold every Thursday on Double Shot at 8/7c.