Babies On Board: The Teen Mom: Young Moms Club Is Already Expanding

Tonight’s series debut featured the very pregnant Heather and Chandlar -- and much more

MTV just debuted its brand-new Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, but already, that club is rapidly expanding.

On tonight’s series premiere, six young mothers/pals were introduced, and two of them are expecting yet another visit from the stork. First up: 22-year-old Heather, who became pregnant at 18 by her high school boyfriend (and now husband) Taylor.

“Even though getting pregnant was a shock, I was determined that my son Levi grow up in a happy family,” she said.

And from the looks of it, he is -- but not one without its hardships. While Heather supports Taylor’s career as a race car driver, she’s struggling to get her own hair and beauty business off the ground. And that isn’t easy when she’s pregnant with another son -- and possibly facing the fight of her life.

“I have a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum,” she said. “It basically makes me allergic to the hormones to my body. It makes for a very high-risk pregnancy, and there’s a chance that me and my baby might not survive the birth.”

Fortunately, she has the support of her hubby and her four besties -- Nicole, Cheyenne, Nikki, and Alyssa -- something that’s missing from the life of the other expectant mother in the Young Mom’s Club, Chandlar.

Like Heather, the 23-year-old already has one child (five-year-old Aubrey). But now she’s pregnant again -- and overwhelmed by the problems of her baby daddy Aaron.

“My boyfriend has serious issues with drugs and alcohol,” said Chandlar, whose living quarters consist of a couch in her mother’s house. “My mom doesn’t like him, and I’ve lost friends because of him.”

That includes Nicole and the other gals, who haven’t talked to Chandlar in about four years -- all because of Aaron. Turns out, the wayward beau once claimed that Nicole had come onto him, and Chandlar chose to believe him and abandon her pals. Now, that decision is one she greatly regrets -- and has begun to rectify.

“I’m through relying solely on Aaron,” she said tonight. “So I decided to reach out directly to Nicole to see if she and the girls would be willing to meet up. I could use my friends’ support again.”

And since true chums stick together, Nicole acquiesced, and she and the crew soon promised to welcome Chandlar into the fold and provide unwavering support. Still, though, the expectant mom had reservations.

“I know I should listen to my friends and finally dump Aaron for good, but there’s no way in hell that I’m raising two kids on my mother’s couch,” she said. “And part of me still wonders if anything went on between Aaron and Nicole. I’m just so confused, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

So what will she do -- and better yet, what do you think she should do? Meanwhile, will Heather safely navigate her way through her dangerous pregnancy? Tell us what you think is next on Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, then catch another episode on Monday at 10/9c.